Jonathon first picked up a camera as a curious teen 35+ years ago.  From then on, he was always within arms reach of something photographically inclined.

Hailing from a background in Fine Arts and Hairstyling, Jonathon has been involved with the arts since his youth.  While cutting hair, Jonathon advanced his education with both computer programming and hardware installations and networks. At 30 years of age, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy.

Jonathon’s Naval career included being an Officer of the Watch and the Ship’s Team Diving Officer aboard HMCS Preserver.  During his career he served aboard several Canadian Warships including the supply ships HMCS Preserver and Protecteur, Frigates HMCS Calgary, Fredericton and Charlottetown and the Destroyers HMCS Athabaskan and Iroquois.  As well, he completed one tour in Afghanistan as OIC of the Joint District Coordination Center (JDCC) in Spin Boldak and then as the Company Commander of the Charlie Company Zhari which included the JDCC, Civil-Military Cooperation and Military Police.  Jonathon concluded his military career receiving The General Campaign Star - South West Asia with Bar and the Canadian Forces Decoration.

After 16 years in the Royal Canadian Navy Jonathon retired and founded East Coast Lens Rentals (ECL) in partnership with his wife Kara. ECL was the largest Camera and Lens rental business on the East Coast. Unfortunately, due to COVID this business was shut down after 3 years of operation.  Concurrently, he trained in the use of some of the most technologically advanced high speed imaging systems on the planet in New Jersey and New York City.  From these courses he became the only fully qualified Vision Research Phantom High Speed Camera technician in Atlantic Canada.

Striving for more artistic adventures Jonathon became a Camera Assistant trainee with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and has worked on productions like Moonshine, From, Washington Black and Sullivan’s Crossing, giving him a solid understanding of film and television production.

Jonathon's main passion has been trying to be at the right place at the right time with his camera in hand.  With the incredible opportunity of visiting shooting locations such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Holland, England, Middle East, and Afghanistan all under his belt, the privilege he had been given enhanced his love and abilities for photography. He is now an accomplished photographer with a portfolio that spans the world.