What’s your rental policy?

Rentals for 1 day are strictly as follows:
Rental must be returned by the end of a 24 hour period. The drop off time will be specified on the contract. If the rentals are not returned on time a 2 day late fee will be deducted from the damage deposit. There will be no delivery or pick up for 1 day rentals unless booked in advance at a rate of $30.00 for delivery and $30.00 for pick up.

Pre-arranged or pre-booked returns conducted by ECL will cost $30.00 within HRM (30KM of ECL)
Unscheduled pick ups conducted by ECL will cost a minimum of $75.00 and any extra for mileage over 30km from ECL.

Late returns will incur a 2 day rental fee for every day or partial day over due in order to offset lost business. No Exceptions.

If not specified the return time for lenses will be no later than the close of business on the last day of the rental UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE OCCURRED.
Sunday 1200-1600
, Monday to Friday 1000-1800
, Saturday 1000-1700.
If rental is not returned by close of business a late fee is withheld from the deposit. The remainder of the deposit will be returned to the Renter.

Lost lens end caps will be billed out at $20.00.  
Lost lens caps will be billed out at $35.00 except for specialty lens caps. ie: Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens cap is aprox $250.00 US.  
Lost lens hoods will be billed out at the replacement cost plus taxes and shipping.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be done prior to 48 hours in advance of the rental time.  If you cancel the rental within 24-48 hours of the rental period you will be charged 50% of your total rental fee.  If you cancel the rental within 24 hours of the rental period you will be charged 100% of your total rental fee.This is regardless of the length of time the rental was rented for.

Do I need insurance?

Yes and No.

For lenses valued at 3000.00 and over you must have proof of insurance stating that East Coast Lens Rentals will be covered for the full replacement cost of the lens.

Short term rental insurance can be purchased from a Canadian company with no affiliation with ECL, called This insurance starts around $120 for 3 months of insurance for $5000 worth of rental equipment. Please contact us here at ECL to discuss and recommend cost effective insurance options.

Long Term insurance policies can be purchased from Front Row that allow for rental coverage to be included as part of your policy. This is the most cost effective method if you plan to rent often coming in around $350.00 per year and upwards with $10000 in rental insurance.

$250, $500 and $1000 damage deposits are required for lenses based on the replacement value of the lens.

Any lens rental over 14 day rental period must opt for insurance.

Any lens rental that leaves Canada must opt for insurance.

How much is the damage deposit?

All lenses have a damage deposit.  Damage deposits with the current lenses in stock are either $250, $500 or $1000.
The damage deposit is now due upon pickup.
Insurance can be waived if the full replacement value of the lens is left as a deposit. This can be done with EMT, cash, PAYPAL or credit card.

How do I place an order?

You can call and book over the phone, via email, or online on our web store.

What if I need the lenses delivered?

You’re in luck!  ECL will deliver and pick up for a charge with any rental!  Just add the delivery options required in the Rental Catalogue to your shopping cart.

Can I request a special lens?

Lenses are rented based on their popularity. If it is deemed that the lens you are requesting could be a popular lens for rental we will look into purchasing it for use.

Will you be getting more lenses?

Yes, we are looking at adding about 25 more Canon and Nikon lenses to our line up. We are also looking at adding Sony, M4/3 lenses from various companies, Rokinon Cine lenses, Leica R lenses with cine mod and canon mounts. We will also be looking into various Thirs party lenses such as Sigma, Tokina and Samyang.

Do you rent camera bodies?

We have 2 Nikon camera bodies for rent.  We will be adding Canon bodies and a few more Nikons to the mix.  Stay tuned!

Do you rent anything other than lenses?

Yes! As we grow and expand our rental equipment we will be looking at tripods, dollies, stabilizers such at the DJI Ronin M, camera lens adapters, a shoulder mounted video rig for DSLR and small video cameras, lights and strobes, and anything that is requested on a regular basis. Our aim is to create a one stop shop for photographic and video equipment for both amateurs and professionals alike!

How can I pay for my rental?

We accept Cash, Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) VISA, Mastercard, Amercian Express, and PAYPAL.

What happens if I break a lens?

If you break the lens you buy the lens. You will be immediatly charged for the replacement value of the lens. The damaged lens will then become your property to fix or sell as you see fit. If arrangements are made for you the renter to have the lens repaired then you will be charged a rental fee for the duration the lens is out of service and the cost of the repair.