Why Calibrate your equipment?

When DSLR cameras and lenses are manufactured they have been set up as accurately as possible but there will always be a variation in the calibration. To correct for this variation your DSLR camera and lens combination needs to be focus calibrated together using the cameras built-in Micro-adjustment / AF-Fine Tune program and an independent focus calibration tool.

When shooting wide open with apertures of f2.8 or larger, the depth of field can be reduced to mere centimetres. Variations produced during the manufacturing process become most apparent at this time. When focusing on a person’s eye in a portrait, the actual part in focus could be the ear or nose.

If you specialize in any of the following fields of photography, this will be the most helpful: Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion, Newborn, Event, Press & Media, Action & Sport, Wildlife, Bird, Animal & Pet and Equine photography as these moments are fleeting and you need to be confident that your focus is accurate, reliable and repeatable.

We understand how delicate and important your equipment is and so we treat it with the utmost respect. Your equipment is calibrated and returned to you all within three working days or one day if you add the Express service.

One Camera Body and 1 lens $70, 3 lenses $120 ($25 per additional lens)

2 Camera Bodies and up to 8 lenses $200

Same Day Express Service $95.00